A Welcome Bonus is awarded to new customers upon opening a Real Account with Your Trade Choice (subject to Company's exclusive decision). It's applicable only to new account openings and does not apply on further account deposits. A Welcome Bonus shall be calculated as 10% from the account opening deposit, but the maximum amount of a Welcome Bonus shall not exceed 2,000 USD.

A Welcome Bonus is an addition to the customer's account balance, but can't be withdrawn; it shall only be used for trading purposes, but one can always withdraw the earnings received from transactions carried out with a Welcome Bonus. Customers can also transfer the bonus amount between their accounts, but each individual customer can redeem only one bonus promotion.

A Welcome Bonus shall be cancelled and eliminated from the trading account when the balance of the account becomes negative or equal to zero. Additionally, if the Company detects any fraudulent activity on the customer's account, the Welcome Bonus shall be cancelled, and all of the operations made with such a bonus shall be subject to an internal revision.

The Welcome Bonus offer is active until any further notice of its cancellation or until the Company announces changes in the offer conditions.

Please contact us for any additional information on the Welcome Bonus offer.