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YTC provides to all the traders around the world the tools and platform to operate in the Foreing Exchange market and OTC,
with a top liquidity and all the financial regulations needed in order to provide a better and legal service to our clients.
With YTC you can operate in foreign exchange market and online stocks through the leading and most reliable MT4 platform,
which allows you to access very easily to all the instruments and products that YTC offers.



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Your Trade Choice Instruments

Your Trade Choice offers many trading instruments, all of them in the same MT4 platform.


Investing in the FOREX market has become a reliable and profitable option for those investors who are interested in expanding their portfolio, diversifying investments, generating more income and getting financial independence.
FOREX (Foreign Exchange) is a market where participants carry out different currency exchange transactions, based on exchange rates. Basically the sense of a FOREX transaction is that you buy or sell a certain amount of one currency, paying with another currency.

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Trading in spot metals has increased greatly in the last years. It's a very liquid market, and these commodities are an excellent alternative for a successful portfolio diversification and for generating additional income. Spot metals can be traded in both short and long term, and you can access the market 24/7, using an additional collateral (leverage) to operate with a larger volume.

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A Future is a standardized contract that requires the participating parties to buy/sell the underlying asset at a price established at the time of the respective purchasing/selling transaction, but at some other moment in the future. Contract prices are set in accordance with the price fluctuations of the underlying asset, which in this case can be represented by any index, share or commodity. Therefore, Futures are also called derivatives.

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Your Trade Choice gives you an opportunity to plunge into the world of equity trading and carry out transactions with CFD's for Stocks through the market's most popular investment platform - the MetaTrader4. Among the instruments that you will trade you can find CFD's for Apple, Google, Microsoft and General Electric stocks, as well as those of multiple international banks, oil companies and holdings. However, you should know that trading shares through CFD's doesn't involve the transfer of property title. Such transactions are only carried out to obtain profits, allowing you to benefit thanks to a difference between buying and selling prices of the underlying asset.

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Account types

Choose between the 3 account types we offer, depending on your trading style.

Classic Account

The Classic Account is the most appropriate option for investors with a higher degree of confidence in their analytical skills, knowledge of financial markets and trading experience. The minimum deposit for opening a Classic Account is between US$1,000 and US$10,000. Customers that opt for such accounts gain the right to negotiate with all the instruments available on the trading platform and can receive bonuses, as well as some special offers applicable to their deposit. They also have the right to get the assistance of our account executives 24 hours 7 days a week.

Standard Account

This type of account is the best option for novice investors. It has been developed for customers with minimal or no experience at all in financial markets, so they would be able to become more experienced in trading, but through managing limited risks. Such customers usually opt for something safer for the start of their speculative activities. However, the Standard Account offers the same operational and analytical features available for VIP or Classic account users. The only difference is the amount of the required minimum deposit, which is of US$5,000.

VIP Account

The name of this type of account speaks for itself. The VIP Account is for those customers, who in addition to having a certain degree of confidence and experience in financial markets know exactly what they are looking for in an investment. This account offers preferential attention and individual consultations, a wide range of operational instruments, an option of receiving custom-made reports, and more. All the advantages of this type of account are available for customers whose deposit to the account exceeds US$10,000.

**Leverage can be increased by special request by contacting our Customer Service department .

For more detailed information about each account type, as well as for al the time and document requirements for the account opening, please contact our Customer Service Department. Please note that all deposits are converted into American dollars.

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