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How To Heal Fish Diseases In Tropical Fish Tanks – Fin And Tail Rot

There are lots of species of fish that can thrive in a freshwater fish tank. The kind of fish and the total amount will be obligation and what you are planning to accomplish with the tank. Anyone recognises that there are a lot of fish that won’t live in freshwater tanks and in order to be avoided.

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Discus fish come against the calm warm waters in the Amazon River and prosper when these conditions are replicated in the home aquarium. For both general maintenance and breeding of discus the pH should be maintained between 5.5 and 7.0, the temperature between 83 and 86 degrees F.

Diet: These beautiful fish are carnivorous and like live sustenance. They can be taught to take frozen food, along with pellets and flake, however i do not recommend feeding pellets nor flake food to Rams. Live brine shrimp, live tubi-flex worms, Live Ghost shrimp frequent good food choices for Ram Cichlids additional dwarf Cichlids. Frozen variations are also excepted. They’ll graze on live plants too, you discover essential to at least a few live plants in an aquarium with her.

Tangs: The good thing of this saltwater fish is that it comes in so many colors that no fish beat it in this category. Typically the most popular tang saltwater fish is the blue tang and next blue tang you will quickly yellow tang as typically the most popular one. This fish is usual in size, reaches to about 12 inches and can be put in a 50 gallon tank easily, but the best way wise decision to keep only one tang fish in one aquarium if you possess a young aquarium.

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