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Considerations When Buying a Cement Mixer

So you’re about to undertake some DIY, maybe you’ve gotten moved into a new home, you might be renovating the one you live in now or you’re giving the backyard a very good landscaping? Well you’ll probably want a cement mixer if there is any mortar or concrete involved. The question is do you hire one or buy one? And which type would almost definitely suit your needs as there is a huge selection on the market.

Hiring one is probably only worthwhile if you will want it for a really quick time because if you happen to imagine the cost of hire to be about £20-35 per week and the cost of buying one from £a hundred and seventy upwards then any longer than 2-three weeks usage makes shopping for a new one more price efficient as it should retain at least half of its price in second hand value.

So having decided to purchase a new one crucial considerations are power supply and size.

Cement mixers will are available two power sources, a hundred and ten Volt & 240 Volt. An in depth discussion of mains electrical may be found right here, however, in a nutshell a hundred and ten is to be used outside as it is safer. You will need to have a transformer to connect with the mains if in case you have a one hundred ten volt machine. A transformer is a yellow box which turns the current from 240 down to 110 Volts. A 240 Volt might be plugged directly into the mains and is therefore more convenient, if wet circumstances are usually not a problem.

An electrical cement mixer is fine in case you have an influence source to connect to but no good if you are working away from the house, too far for a lead to reach. For this you would wish a petrol cement mixer similar to this. Petrol cement mixers do come with the effort of getting to refuel and are fairly heavy compared to electrical concrete mixers, so this must be taken into consideration.

With reference to size a small cement mixer is straightforward to move around and get in or out of the automobile whereas a bigger cement mixer such as the Belle 240 Minimix is quite heavy at around 70kg together with its stand. Nevertheless the Belle Minimix 150 has a 150 litre drum capability so will imply fewer mixes and therefore make the larger tasks reminiscent of concreting a ground easier.

Whichever cement mixer you determine to buy make sure to choose one with a 1 yr warranty at least and then you can get your money back ought to something go wrong. Most branded mixers such because the Belle come with at the least 2 12 months warranty and spare elements are readily available. In case you are planning on doing a number of work then these considerations are important.

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